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Happy Calendar is a unique calendar, where every day there is one good simple and lovely deed is written, which makes people’s day happier and motivates us to do small good deeds, which are very important. For example, the deed can be to thank someone, to give a hug or just to smile. Small things, which we easily forget.


I’m Rudolf from Estonia. I grew up in large family with not so many possibilities so I had to make everything myself. At the age of 13 I started Happy Calendar. I saw that there are so many unhappy people arround me. I was thinking that it’s due the bad weather or lack of sun or just because the life is hard. I thought, when every people makes at least one small good deed every single day, I can make people happier. The idea is simple, if you do something good to others it spreads out and soon everybody sees more positivity on their daily actions. Join the Happy Calendar movement and do good on every day.


Rudolf-Gustav Hanni

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    By accepting the challenge, you will get FREE access to the digital version of Happy Calendar. The Happy Calendar has 1 simple and toughtful deed on every day, for the full year of 2020. By inviting friends, and using our hashtags #happinesschallenge #happycalendar on social media, you participate in the giveaway. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook  and stay updated.

    Help us to help others.



    For every Happy Calendar ordered, we give other to children in need.

    Buy Happy Calendar printed version and we donate other calendar to children in need. We work together with Red Cross, SOS Children’s Villages and with other local organisations to motivate young people to do more good.

    If you’re not ready for the Happy Calendar challenge, here’s simpler guide for happier life.


    It’s the simple joys in life that bring true happiness:

    1. be yourself
    2. make time with Nature
    3. dump negative thinking
    4. spend quality time with loved ones
    5. help others
    6. be thankful
    7. share with others
    8. eat healthy & exercise
    9. forgive and forget
    10. find ways to manage stress