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canned socks – unique gift for men & women in a can

Canned socks smell or not? These are fresh and clean socks that are waiting to get their original smell. Let the socks smell, because that’s what they’re supposed to do. Be creative with canned socks, give them along with cheese and sausage and see how surprised the gift recipient will be when you discover that there are no fish in it.

Preserved socks are a perfect gift.

från SEIK

Special canned socks - att hitta rätt kan vara ganska utmanande. Lyckligtvis är det möjligt att beställa från webshop det komplexa och stiligacanned socks. Vi vill inspirera med våra produkter och att ha fler äventyr och bli lyckligare - du kommer att inspireras av .
  • Alla canned socks är designade av unga SEIK designers
  • Välj din favorit canned socks här.
  • Leverans till paketstation eller brevlåda - canned socks kommer att levereras inom några dagar
  • Vi önskar att canned socks changes your day better and are looking for feedback and images, how canned socks has achieved it.
  • Don't forget to tag images with @minuseik ja #canned socks.

Which canned socks to choose?

  1. Think, which canned socks will suite for you the best.
  2. Inspire and surprise yourself or loved ones with canned socks.
  3. Check, what SEIK friends have shared about that product.
  4. Wait for canned socks to be delivered by currier or to the nearest pickup point.
  5. Make photos and share with us aswell @seik #canned socks.

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